'zoeppritz since 1828' x Rosenthal


331 YEARS OF HISTORY UNITED IN A COLLECTION FOR A BETTER TOMORROW. LOOKING TO THE FUTURE. WITH THE BEST OF INTENTIONS. WE DEDICATE OURSELVES TO THINGS THAT ARE DEAR TO US: Supporting projects that are sustainable and create value. This endeavour was the starting point of the cooperation between ‘zoeppritz since 1828’ and Rosenthal. Two companies that look back on a long history and are now writing the future together. Rosenthal and ‘zoeppritz since 1828’ are united by a total of 331 years of tradition and shared values such as quality, durability, authenticity and longevity. The COLLECTION #331_RAINBOW by the two German companies fully reflects this history.

Together with the children and youth organization Plant-for-the-Planet, 'zoeppritz since 1828' and Rosenthal plant 4,500 trees and support the education of children and young people as ambassadors for climate justice.


With the rainbow as a symbol of nature conservation, we dedicate the COLLECTION #331_RAINBOW to nature and its preservation. The rainbow has always been a symbol of harmony and peace and the creation of nature.

As a contrast to the rainbow, a tone-on-tone pattern of historical logos and signets tells the story and the development of ‘zoeppritz since 1828’ and Rosenthal.​

Limited collector's item

The exclusive highlight of the collection is the TAC bowl, which is limited to 331 pieces. The elaborately handcrafted, matt finish surface forms a particularly attractive contrast to the historical logos and signets of both companies, which stand out as a raised and shiny relief.
The bowl is limited to 331 pieces worldwide.

In addition to the unique decor of the COLLECTION #331_RAINBOW, the clear shapes and delicacy of the porcelain also impress: the articels are from the iconic TAC collection, which Bauhaus founder Walter Gropius designed in 1969 exclusively for Rosenthal.

Discover the COLLECTION #331_RAINBOW




Plate 28 cm

TAC Gropius - COLLECTION #331_RAINBOW by 'zoeppritz since 1828' x Rosenthal
£ 36.67


Set 3 pcs.

TAC Gropius - COLLECTION #331_RAINBOW by 'zoeppritz since 1828' x Rosenthal
£ 77.50


Bowl 19 cm

TAC Gropius - COLLECTION #331_RAINBOW by 'zoeppritz since 1828' x Rosenthal
£ 110.21




The way out of the climate crisis leads into the forest

The child and youth initiative Plant-for-the- Planet was launched in 2007 by Felix Finkbeiner. The then nine-year-old called on his classmates at the end of a school presentation on the climate crisis: “Let’s plant a million trees in every country on earth!”

The goal is now to plant 1,000 billion trees worldwide. Trees are the cheapest and most effective means of binding CO2 and thus provide mankind with a way of gaining extra time to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero and mitigate the climate crisis.

The cooperation 'zoeppritz since 1828' x Rosenthal wants to support this goal: Together with Plant-for-the-Planet, we plant 4,500 trees and promote the education of children and young people as ambassadors for climate justice.

Would you like to participate and let our forest grow? Then contribute a few trees via Plant-for-the-Planet!

Learn more & donate trees

Discover the idea of Plant-for-the-Planet in this short video.