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Say it with flowers

A bouquet says more than a thousand  words – this has been illustrated by a Danish research team in a very literal sense. Symbolic gifts or gestures, such as giving a bouquet of roses, activate the same area of the brain that processes language.

A wedding without flowers is like a groom without a bride. The colour of the floral bridal decoration should not only be coordinated with the colour of the dress but with the bride’s personality. Feminine floral shades such as rosé or lilac suit romantic brides with richly decorated dresses.  The elegant bride in contrast, often seen in a hat or veil, is as if destined for a bridal bouquet of classic red roses which emphasise a certain self-assured vivacity.
In contrast, the classic, understatedly elegant bride often suits a bouquet in greens and creams, which inspires a subtle overall impression. Björn Kroner, master florist
and German representative at the Florists  World Championships, advises brides to be “courageous! How about a stole decorated with different flowers for example, or a special accessory – a floral muff ? Such creations draw everyone’s attention to you, making the ensemble refined and unique.” Wedding floristry,  the supreme discipline within the trade, embodies both a creative and artisanal challenge. Anyone looking for the most beautiful floral decoration for their dream wedding, is in safe hands with one of the many professional specialists. Thanks to  a great deal of experience and creativity tailored to personal preferences, the perfect  floral backdrop is created for your dream wedding.

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