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Dinner is served

“Eating and drinking keep body and soul together“ – wedding meals should be the embodiment of this saying. So often it is the many small details which make a wedding meal a complete success, since perfect planning guards against the majority of accidents, making the wedding meal a real pleasure for the bridal couple and their guests.


When a buffet is the right choice – for those couples who want to offer their guests a wide variety of dishes. This option allows for creatively arranged dishes or artistically decorated fruit arrangements which look particularly appetising at a buffet. Furthermore, buffets
are also perfect for themed evenings with freshly prepared dishes increasing the attractiveness of the overall presentation. Those who should avoid a buffet – bridal couples with a guest list greater than 100.

What you should know – how long dishes remain visually appetising, after all buffets should ordinarily be a feast for both the taste buds and the eyes for up to 2 or even 3 hours.


When a dinner is the right choice – for couples who wish to host and enjoy the celebration
on the greatest possible scale, in an appropriately serviced venue, restaurant or ballroom. Dinners are also suited to gourmets who wish to accompany the meal with a glass of wine.
Those who should avoid a dinner – party people, as dinners require time – both before
and during the meal. Dancing or continued toasting with people not seated at your table is impossible.

What you should find out – the difference in cost between a dinner and a buffet. After all, dinners are often better value for money as the caterer knows in advance the exact quantities to be ordered and prepared.

Cocktail Party

When a cocktail party is the right choice – for bridal couples who want to host a stylish celebration with numerous guests within a manageable price bracket. Cocktail parties lend themselves perfectly to wedding celebrations numbering over 300 guests as the finger food passed around can be distributed quickly and effortlessly. Those who should avoid a cocktail party – bridal couples who are looking for a more formal structure for their wedding celebrations. Cocktail parties usually unfold in an uncomplicated and natural manner.

What you should know – what type of finger food should be served at what time, so that the appetisers don’t “sit heavily in your stomach” as is sometimes the case.

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