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Fire and flame: Producing candles is a passion

To become an unparalleled brand like AMABIENTE, it takes a lot of experience, patience, innovation and love. Continuous aim is, to combine the beauty of elementary shapes and pure materials to arouse life through the flame. Founded in 2003, the Swiss company AMABIENTE manufactures and distributes exceptional designer candles of the highest quality. 

AMABIENTE candles are made from stearin (palm oil) or other vegetable raw materials and no petroleum derivatives (such as paraffin). All waxes are supplied by ecologically controlled and certified, sustainably grown and not genetically modified production, which corresponds to the RSPO standard. The entire production process is monitored and guaranteed by international conventions. All fair trade demands during the whole production process are ensured. Stearin is characterized by resistance and hardness that makes it possible to get impeccable and special shapes. The organic dyes are durable, colourfast, resistant to light and do not stain. The wicks are from pure cotton, according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100. AMABIENTE candles are odor-free and safe for people suffering from allergies and asthma. The candles produce little soot and do rarely drip. Long burning times and a bright luminous flame are other benefits of AMABIENTE’s entire candle collection. All products are handmade in Europe. 

AMABIENTE's in-house design department not only crafts timeless candles, but also invents the best matching candle holders. This creates a unique fusion of candle and holder that complements any setting. AMABIENTE gives space and time a special touch and generates unforgettable sensual moments with the characteristic of a superior quality product.

Valuable, contemporary, heartwarming.

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