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Art has always been the ultimate luxury for people with a passion. Today it is not only a luxury to possess art, but also a challenge to produce works of art which are handmade and high-quality. Glass places great demands on the artist with regard to his knowledge of the material and production. The interaction of light, shape and colour is unique and enables a multitude of design possibilities. Contemporary glass art is a young, thrilling form of art, which has evolved since the 1960s. From the beginning of the modern studio glass movement our family has been actively involved and with our sculptures earned worldwide respect within this movement. We work with a multitude of old, almost forgotten techniques of traditional glass-making as well as new experimental processes, which we develop ourselves. Skillful craftsmanship and longstanding experience enable the realization of creative ideas. In addition to the serious art of Stanislaw, Pawel and Stani Jan Borowski the Borowski workshop creates exclusive artist editions as well as handmade glass objects for interiors and exteriors. On the following pages you will find three extraordinary collections which have evolved from emotion, skill and a wealth of artists’ ideas. With these objects we will pass on to you our unique artistic trademark, good craftsmanship and our fascination with glass.

About Borowski
The foundation of the present glass studio for hand-blown and hand made glass was laid by the internationally renowned artist Stanislaw Borowski (born in Moutiers, France, in 1944). He became well-known for his unique engravings and glass sculptures. Together with his two eldest sons he founded the Glass Studio Borowski in 1990, which has been run by Pawel and Wiktor Borowski since 1993. From a modest glass workshop one of the most renowned glass studios has evolved over the years. It offers its artists extensive opportunities of production and helps them to put their sometimes highly demanding visions and experimental ideas into practice. Many of the resulting masterpieces can be found in notable galleries, museums and private collections. Moreover, three extraordinary collections, which reflect the artistic inventiveness and skillful craftsmanship of the manufacture, have been created by the artists. In several production steps each object is handmade with utmost care. Today they can be found in exclusive shops worldwide.

handMade Glass
In handblown and traditionally handmade glass objects small differences in color and form may occur. For reasons of manufacture these are inevitable. Air pockets in the glass are a sign of handmade manufacturing and not to be considered as imperfections.

Artist Edition
The Artist Edition contains lavishly produced works of art made from glass by Pawel and Stani Jan Borowski. Each object has been personally produced and signed by the artist and carries a certifi cate by Glass Studio Borowski.

Studio Line
The  Studio Line comprises colorful, decorative and functional accessories: bowls, vases, candlesticks, paperweights, and lights. These objects reflect the inventiveness of the artists and are handmade with great care.

Outdoor Objects
The Outdoor Objects are imaginative works of art made from glass and metal for outdoors: colorful and weatherproof lights, wind chimes and sculptures which are reminiscent of  mythical creatures in fairytales and will give their environment a special charm.

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