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by Cédric Ragot


sculpture object


Porcelain jewel

In his new creation, »Geode«, French designer Cédric Ragot has flawlessly combined the mineral content and structure of rocks with a smooth vase design. It is available in black, white, platinum and titanium-coated gold.

The Designer

Cédric Ragot

Cédric Ragot

Cédric Ragot set up his own design studio after graduating from the French National Institute for Advanced Studies in Design, I`ENSCI-Les Ateliers. Among other things, he designs furniture for some of today’s leading furniture manufacturers.

In doing so, Cédric Ragot remains true to his philosophy: “There’s a great deal of variation in the way the visible part of my works can turn out…in any case, however, I try to find a surprising solution to a given task. This means I have to combine the functional appearance of an object with a suggested conceptual and stylistic solution in order to create greater possibilities of choice corresponding to everybody’s emotional and spiritual longings.”

As in his earlier works for Rosenthal, Ragot has managed to find unity in apparently distinct contrasts: elementary forces of nature and disparate textures, both matt and gloss, captured in a porcelain jewel.

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