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Treasure Bowls


by Hanna Krüger


delicate beauty

Hanna Krüger loves experimenting. When she discovered Josef Hoffmann‘s subtle double-bowl design in Vienna, she began experimenting with this straight away. She stacked bowls and mugs on top of each other in all possible sizes, shapes, materials, decorations. The result of this creative process: the artistic Jos glass collection. The design focuses on the multifunctionality of objects. They are designed in such a way that they work from two sides. As a shallow bowl and a tall vase, for example. The combination of clear, satin-finished glass with cut elements is strikingly beautiful. Honeycombs, crosses and lines produced by hand float delicately over the transparent glass surface and are combined with a luxurious gold finish.

The Designer

Hanna Krüger

Hanna Krüger

Hanna Krüger (born in 1979 in Berlin) initially trained to become a furniture carpenter before studying at the Werkakademie in Kassel. She followed on with a Product Design degree focussing on furniture design and exhibition architecture. "In the design phase I am, above all, interested in the simultaneity of the initial material and the resulting new object. Designing for me means a process-oriented action in the respective context for the specific product. An important subject in my work is the moment of creation and the production, in which people, material, machines and cultural context cross encounter one another. This moment must be re-choreographed each time and follows its very own rules. The next important moment is the one in which the product begins to shine out from within, existing only for itself and becoming self-explanatory."

The subtle double bowls by Josef Hoffmann inspired her to create the vase and bowl colletion »JOS«. She stacked bowls and mugs on top of each other, in all imaginable sizes, shapes, materials and patterns. The result of this creative process was these artistic glass collection. At the heart of the design is the multifunctional nature of the items. The combination of clear and satin-finish glass with elements of cut glass, which come together on a sumptuous gold finish, is strikingly beautiful.

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