TAC Stripes 2.0


Fine stripes and shiny details give the Bauhaus classic by Walter Gropius its festive lustre


For many, Christmas is a time for being with friends and family, and the perfect occasion to set the table in festive fashion. This year, our Christmas table gets a cool and modern touch with the TAC Stripes 2.0 Collection. Shimmering stripes and shiny silver finishes set a tasteful, festive tone, while red details add a hint of Christmas spirit. The elegant glasses from the TAC series and black cutlery provide the perfect finishing touch.

Multifunctional bowl TAC Gropius Stripes 2.0
£ 40.83
Platter on foot small TAC Bauhaus 100 Stripes 2.0
£ 99.58
Service Plate 33 cm TAC Gropius Stripes 2.0 titan.
£ 66.88
Platter on foot small TAC Bauhaus 100 Stripes 2.0
£ 99.58
Plate 21 cm glass TAC Gropius Stripes 2.0
£ 21.25
Red wine TAC o2 glossy
£ 23.75
White wine TAC o2 glossy
£ 23.75
Besteck 30tlg.Vh. Flat Edelstahl/PVDschwarz
£ 369.00


Our gift for orders over £ 249

When you make a purchase from the TAC Stripes 2.0 Collection worth £ 249 or more, you will receive a limited-edition mug set worth £ 68.50 as a free gift!


Tea time with an icon


No item from the TAC Collection, designed by Walter Gropius, is more distinctive or famous than the iconic teapot. Just as it beautifully embodies the principles of Bauhaus design, its form harmoniously follows its function. Anyone who has experienced the perfect unity of the lid and handle when pouring the pot can attest to this. Another plus for passionate tea drinkers: it holds a lot of tea! Perfect for many a warm drink during the Advent season...

Tea Pot 3 TAC Gropius Stripes 2.0
£ 209.17
Sugar Bowl 3 TAC Gropius Stripes 2.0
£ 71.04
Combi cup TAC Gropius Stripes 2.0
£ 26.88
Tea saucer TAC Gropius Stripes 2.0 matt
£ 13.96
Service Plate 33 cm TAC Gropius Stripes 2.0 Struktur
£ 41.67
Platter on foot small TAC Bauhaus 100 Stripes 2.0
£ 99.58
Plate 16 cm TAC Gropius Stripes 2.0 Struktur
£ 16.25
Mug with handle TAC Gropius Stripes 2.0 Band
£ 29.38
Mug with handle TAC Gropius Stripes2.0 Punkt rot
£ 29.38

A festive bonus

With the new addition of a special Christmas Collection, the fine lines of the “Stripes 2.0” design, featuring a mixture of matt and glossy finishes and shimmering metallic elements, give your Christmas dining table and gift table a modern and festive look.


The one with the dot

The red dot is an important reference to the Bauhaus and forms the focal point of the design of this elegant bauble set.



Elegance in excelsis

A shiny base makes this platter, featuring a fine stripe design, float elegantly above the table and beautifully presents your homemade cakes, tarts or biscuits.


Warm glow

The TAC Stripes 2.0 table light instantly creates a cosy atmosphere and gives the translucent porcelain and fine stripe design a warm glow.

Table light with wax

TAC Gropius Stripes 2.0
£ 32.71


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