Junto Glaze

Every item a unique piece

»Junto« will surprise you. Rosenthal’s new tableware collection boasts a handmade look, quite naturally uniting sensual ceramic in matt earthy tones and fine porcelain with asymmetrical forms. The typical hand-made look of »Junto« has not sprung from nowhere: the glaze of the porcelain- and ceramic-series are pure handwork, creating unique colour progression and slight irregularities, making every piece a charming unicum.


The Junto colour glaze

The specially developed colour glaze lets the characteristic diamond relief appear in an exciting contrast of light and dark, lending these hand-glazed products a unique colour progression. Slight irregularities and colour deviations are adding to the authentic charm of the »Junto« Collection. These desired effects are due to the hand-made glazing process and are no signs of a quality defect.


The Junto reactive glaze

The exceptional charm of the »Junto« reactive glaze lies in the unique appearance of each item. Caused by a thin layer of glaze, especially the edge zones appearing with a semi-gloss, dark sheen. Depending on the shape, entirely unique speckled structures form on the ceramic surface.


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Junto is available here and at selected retailers!

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