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Green Food

What is it?


Green, crunchy, delicious!

Vegetables, herbs, salads & seeds in all varieties are the green food trend that’s centre stage. Cabbage, spinach, artichokes and Co. all provide plenty of vitamins and beneficial plant compounds that keep our bodies healthy and taste great.

"If vegetables don't taste good, it's not the vegetables' fault!"


Sebastian Copien

Sebastian Copien - on the one hand, a freedom-loving surfer, on the other hand, a scientific top chef/author/permaculture practitioner. In him, two worlds unite that express his philosophy “From the seed in the ground to the finished dish”. His love of nature, his home-grown plants and awareness of sustainability are noticeable in each of his dishes. In addition to his cooking school in Munich, he successfully runs his VEGAN MASTERCLASS online cooking school, with the goal of inspiring people towards plant-based cuisine.

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A fine bowl:
Red pepper jus. Potato cheese. Pickled garden vegetables. Mushrooms.

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Ingredients for 2 portions:

For the red pepper jus: 4 red peppers, cored – 100 g dried pepper flakes – 100 g fridge-cold organic margarine – 1 dash xanthan gum (to thicken) – 1 pinch rose paprika – ume su (Asian spicy sauce)

For the potato cheese: 500 g floury cooking potatoes – 1 pot organic sour cream – 100 ml cashew cream or oat cream – salt and pepper – 1 shallot, very finely diced – 1 bunch chives – 1 organic lemon

For the mushrooms: 2 large king trumpet mushrooms with fat stalks – oil for frying – salt and pepper

To taste - pickled and fresh vegetables: Mooli, diced and marinated in miso sauce – kimchi (=Korean pickled cabbage) – pickled beetroot – pickled carrots – pickled fennel – courgette tagliatelle with a dash of balsamic vinegar – smoked tomato slices – plums or other sweet-sour fruit (e.g. quince) marinated in balsamic vinegar – freshly sliced radishes – chives – wild garlic flowers



Juice the fresh peppers and cook with the dried pepper flakes until reduced by a half. Blend the pepper mixture with the xanthan gum and margarine in a mixer until smooth. Season with rose paprika, salt and ume su.

Meanwhile, boil the potatoes until soft in wellsalted water. Then press the potatoes through a potato ricer and gently fold in the sour cream and cashew cream. Season with salt and pepper, then stir the diced shallots and chives into the mixture.

Finally add the lemon juice and zest.

Serve the potato cheese at room temperature. Finally cut the mushrooms into diagonal slices 3 cm thick. Score a diamond shape approx. 3 mm deep on both sides of each slice.

Pan-fry the mushroom slices à la minute in the oil until crispy and brown. Then season with a little salt and pepper. To serve: Pour the red pepper jus into a bowl. Place the potato cheese onto the jus, then arrange the vegetables and pickles to taste. Finally, put the fried mushrooms on top of the vegetables, sprinkle with chives or wild garlic €lowers and serve.


Best ingredients for the Green Kitchen

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