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Stainless steel
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Stainless steel 18/10


Alle Teile sind in 6 verschiedenen Formen erhältlich: Onda, Stellina, Asola, Circle, Penta und Simple. Das Besteck kann je nach Phantasie zusammengestellt werden. Sie können Ihren ganz eigenen Stil entwickeln und so echte Hingucker auf Ihren Festen haben.

Care information

Dishwasher suitable stainless steel cutlery

Stainless steel cutlery is suitable for the dishwasher but we recommend cleaning by hand!

Cleaning cutlery in a dishwasher may impair outward appearance. This does not occur when cared for by hand.

Aggressive detergents, leaving soiled cutlery for days in the dishwasher, high temperatures etc. are some of the many causes which may produce marks or even corrosion, especially on knife blades.

Please note therefore the following cleaning instructions:

The cutlery can change colour as a result of food residues containing common salt or acid (e.g. mayonnaise, fish stock, vinegar). It is therefore important to clean the cutlery, particularly knives, as soon as possible after use.

When cleaning in the dishwasher always place cutlery handle down in cutlery baskets in such a way that items of a type, e.g. spoons, do not slide into each other.

As soon as the program has finished, remove cutlery from dishwasher and dry. Any remaining marks should be removed immediately. Never leave damp cutlery in closed dishwasher.

Never mix stainless steel cutlery and silver-plated or silver cutlery in the same cutlery basket.