Fuga glossySparkling wine

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Gläser wie Blumen: Aus schlanken, hohen Stielen wachsen, wie von der Natur selbst gestaltet, die beinahe kugelig geformten Kelche. Ausgezeichnet mit dem 1. Bundespreis "Gute Form".

Care information

Dishwasher suitable glassware

Please note the following cleaning instructions for the items of this collection:
The glass is suitable for the dishwasher but we recommend cleaning by hand!

When washing by hand, never place more than one item of glassware in the basin at a time.

After washing, glassware should be left to drip a little on a dish rack, because if dried when dripping wet, it might stick to the towel, risking breakage.

The glass should then be polished straight away when dry, to ensure that no soap or rinse marks can dry on.

This glassware should be placed at a slight angle in the dishwasher to ensure that no residue is left as the water drains. Care should be taken to lay the glass items in such a way that they do not knack into each other. When cleaning this high-quality glass in a dishwasher, choose a delicate wash at the lowest temperature and use a mild detergent. Do not use excess detergent.

The dishwasher should be opened immediately after every wash cycle to allow the hot stream to escape, thus avoiding corrosion of the glass surface.


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14.December 2014

Bei mir ist die Glasserie Fuga seit 1968 in meinem Haushalt. Ich bin begeistert über die Qulität der Gläser, die heute noch immer gut aussehen.