Medusa silver platedDinner knife

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22.5 cm
Rosenthal meets Versace
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silver plated

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Care information

Silver cutlery for cleaning by hand

Silver cutlery is suitable for the dishwasher but we recommend cleaning by hand!

The shine of the silverware can be most easily preserved by using the cutlery daily. Silver not in use develops brown, blue or black spots or stains all over, it ‘tarnishes’.

The reason for this is the particular sensitivity of the surface of the silver to sulphurous gases, which occur in the surrounding air. In the same way, silver tarnishes when in contact with food residue that contains sulphurous substances, such as egg yolk, mustard, onions, legumes, fish and marinades.

The conditions for silver are less favourable in dishwashers than when being washed by hand. The following factors can cause silver to tarnish:

∙ food residue
∙ high cleaning temperatures
∙ long cleaning duration
∙ oxidising agent in the cleaner

Irrespective of whether the silver has been tarnished in the drawer, through use or whilst in the dishwasher, it must be cleaned by hand using a mildly abrasive silver care agent and silver care cloth and/or silver soap and cotton in order to remove the staining. This also ensures that the desired patina of the decorated silver parts remains undamaged.

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