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Porcelain Gifts & Accessories by Rosenthal: the art of giving joy

There are endless reasons to give pleasure to someone. Good that there are at least as many opportunities to do so in an especially personal and stylish way. For example with vases, which are usually hard to be found when flowers are given. “Ringoletto” adjusts to different heights of a bouquet, while “Opening” picks ups the organic forms of nature and “Fast” adds dynamic contrasts on top. And while “Format” enhances the flowers and atmosphere in white or colour, the ...

  • Rosenthal Belles Fleurs View now

    Belles Fleurs - the individual bone china mug collection

    Flowers and blossoms from all four seasons are the focal point of the new, individual bone china mug collection. Yellow, coral, red violet, rose, green, blue, lilac and olive set the overall tone on the eight different mugs with handles that feature a graphic design and make for a striking ...

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  • Rosenthal Blown View now


    Fascinated by materials’ plasticity and limits of deformability, French designer Cédric Ragot designed two new vase series. Squall and Blown take up the idea of capturing and freezing the entire dynamics of a movement. Squall and Blown are reminiscent of a whirlwind or vortex, whose elemental force is cast and ...

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  • Rosenthal Cilla Marea View now

    Cilla Marea

    Inspired by the rough beauty of the seas and the men that brave the waters, Italian tattoo artist Pietro Sedda created impressive motifs for Rosenthal using watercolour and ink. His unique light stroke and his anachronistic figures create a special aesthetic that fuses dream and reality, figurative and floral, graphic ...

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  • Rosenthal Core View now


    Primal femininity and the unstoppable forces of evolution are the inspiration behind the new Core design from Cédric Ragot. Like cell nuclei that are constantly splitting, each vase size forms its own, organic structure. The design also alludes to primal femininity, turning our attention to the primordial forces of creation ...

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  • Rosenthal Daily Life View now

    Daily Life - a practical all-rounder collection with an authentic appearance

    Most people spend a significant amount of their time in the office. Enjoying eating is therefore an integral part of life both inside and outside of work, which is sometimes over in a flash and sometimes celebrated as a scheduled break. For Ming-Ju Hsieh, the office is a place where ...

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  • Rosenthal do not litter View now

    do not litter

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  • Rosenthal Engel View now

    Angel from porcelain

    The angels from Rosenthal are modelled in loving detail and manufactured from finest, unglazed porcelain. The unglazed white porcelain wonderfully brings to bear all the subtleties and details of the design. Heavenly companions – whether at home or in the office – and a gift, which will gladden every recipient, as it ...

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  • Rosenthal Enjoy your life - Gift Sets View now

    Enjoy your life - Gift Sets

    An enjoyable life, cooking, preparing and eating with friends and family - the name says it all with the “Enjoy your life” gift sets. Individual product combinations from the Rosenthal and Sambonet brands unite, creating extraordinary sets for connoisseurs that will make any gourmet happy, as a souvenir, exclusive birthday present ...

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  • Rosenthal Falda View now


    Designer Sebastian Herkner loves the skilful interplay of materials, surfaces and production techniques. He has succeeded in creating a design that is particularly captivating in this respect with the "Falda" vase. The simple, bulbous vase made from biscuit porcelain with its velvety surface and pleated collar with a golden titanium ...

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  • Rosenthal Fast View now

    Fast - vases with futuristic abstractions

    The object vase reflects the typical Ming dynasty prototype vases, concealed in digital acceleration. A mixture of collective remembrance and futuristic abstraction symbolizes the cultural change.

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  • Rosenthal Flux View now

    Flux - porcelain forms in the modern era

    „Flux“ is another design object by Harry & Camila. The intention of the artist couple: a coexistence of two completely different forms – the upper rim abstract, the bottom rim geometrical – which seem to never touch each other, thereby creating added tension. As if by magic, the object is combined to a ...

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  • Rosenthal Fondale View now


    A cylindrical body and an asymmetric, tapered collar – for Scottish-Swedish designer duo Office for Product Design, those represent the essence of a modern vase. The purist design is underlined by a glossy surface inside the cone that is available in platinum, gleaming gold, plain white or striking black and ...

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  • Rosenthal Freddo View now


    The Freddo vase collection emphasises the juxtaposition of fine porcelain and heavy, satin-finish block glass. It celebrates the timelessness of both materials and unites these to create design objects that exude the precision, coolness and elegance of art without compromising their functional aspect. The matte porcelain vases in white and ...

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  • Rosenthal Free Spirit View now

    Free Spirit - curved lines

    “Free Spirit” achieves an incomparably lightness through its curved lines. Each article is adequate for different occasions and senses of style.

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  • Rosenthal Geode View now


    In his new creation, Geode, French designer Cédric Ragot has flawlessly combined the mineral content and structure of rocks with a smooth vase design. Ragot has managed to find unity in apparently distinct contrasts: elementary forces of nature and disparate textures, both matt and gloss, captured in a porcelain jewel ...

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  • Rosenthal La Chute View now

    La Chute

    Following on from the Fast, Squall and Blown vase designs, La Chute captures the utopian concept of freezing a movement in time. Two vase bodies melt like wax without entirely losing their shape and contours. In a manner that is simple yet precise, the design explores not only the plasticity ...

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  • Rosenthal Lapp View now


    The Lapp Vase Collection is characterised by drop-shaped openings and their fine interplay of matte and shiny surfaces. Based on a strict square that acts as the stand, the dynamic body of a vase arises, striving upwards similar to a building, ending in a perfectly round opening.

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  • Rosenthal Love Love View now

    Love Love - more than thousand words

    For all the lovestruck among us the »Love Love« vase will be additionally available in one delicate miniature format and two new medium-sized formats. Various messages of love incorporated into the porcelain itself will make hearts leap not just on this day of romance, but also on other occasions such ...

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  • Rosenthal Maria View now

    Maria - the classic set for generations

    Since 1916 the name “Maria” - stands for one of the most popular and successful porcelain sets. For generations, this has been the porcelain for weddings and other festivities: stylish and timeless. The charming elegance of this form originates mainly from the neo-classical shape and the balance of classical and romantic ...

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  • Rosenthal Miniaturvasen View now

    Mini vases - porcelain vases in mini format

    When it comes to decorative objects, you simply cannot have “too many” vases. 12 of Rosenthal’s most popular vases are now also available in miniature. Whether as a gift, for collectors, for display in a cabinet or for lovingly crafted small flower arrangements – both individually or in groups, these ...

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  • Rosenthal Mug Collection XXL View now

    Mug Collection XXL

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  • Rosenthal Murphy View now


    For the Chinese year of the dog, star designer Sebastian Herkner has designed a decorative porcelain sculpture, which will delight the hearts of dog lovers far beyond this occasion. Straight-forward, loyal, devoted - Murphy embodies these canine attributes through and through, thanks to the simple shape and upright, proud posture. And ...

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  • Rosenthal Nendoo View now

    Nendoo - a new kind of tabletop architecture

    "Nendoo", the new collection by Rosenthal, unifies the themes of surface structures and favourite projects without forgetting practical functionality. As a result, "Nendoo" is a contemporary interpretation that combines functionality, surface feel, tradition and decorative aspects in a natural way.
    Unusual presents at the same time complement the service perfectly ...

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  • Rosenthal New Gold View now

    New Gold

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  • Rosenthal Ode View now


    With clear and straight geometric lines but also some subtle details, the Ode vase series from star designer Sebastian Herkner draws the full attention of the beholder to the delicate nature of the porcelain. The textured surface of the semi-gloss vase body is broken by a lustrous ring of porcelain ...

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  • Rosenthal Opening View now

    Opening - open to new things

    Nature provides the most beautiful forms: the designer duos “Little Wonder” vases are akin to broken eggshells. What fascinates with the “Opening” vases are the Asian influences and the great craftsmanship they have undergone – their beauty comes to bear even without any contents. At first glance, the vases seem ...

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  • Rosenthal Papes Salz Auster View now

    Pape's Salt Oyster

    Pape’s salt oyster brings a real pinch of Sylt to the table. The creative brain behind this shell of fine Rosenthal porcelain is Alexandro Pape, creator of the first German brand of sea salt. His desire was to create a stylish table dish that matches the uniqueness of his Sylt ...

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  • Rosenthal Peynet Collection View now

    Peynet Collection

    Raymond Peynet was one of the most influential painters and illustrators of his time in France. His delicate and humorous drawings of loving couples showed great inventiveness. Peynet began working for Rosenthal in 1955. He created many charming patterns which will be relaunched in an archive collection of gift items ...

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  • Rosenthal Phases View now

    Vase of Phases: a special kind of beauty

    To understand Dror Benshetrit’s work, one needs to grasp the logic and thought processes that underlie his style. His focus is mainly on innovations that emerge through new uses of materials, technology and forms, whereby he also deals with the origin of motion. For the artist Dror Benshetrit, who works ...

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  • Rosenthal Phi View now


    Freeze, Spindrift, City, Manhattan, Snow – complex, spiral-twisted geometric patterns cover the white porcelain bodies with surprising surface textures, transforming them into sculptural objects with an innovative 3D effect. Triangles become frosty flowers, crystals are shaped into snowflakes, cubic objects create a skyline. This blends with a dash of poetry ...

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  • Rosenthal Pila View now


    The three »PILA« object vases from designer Hanna Krüger are an unusual assemblage of different plates from Rosenthal’s studio-line. Stacks of plates normally arise either without any particular thought or for purely pragmatic purposes, for example if they’re in the sink waiting to be washed up or stored in the ...

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  • Rosenthal Plissee View now


    Structures - surface becomes decor, character-forming, but it also holds itself back. The relinquishment of colour visualises the porcelain’s pure gloss in aesthetic terms.

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  • Rosenthal Rabbits View now


    With trendy pastel colours and a fashionable do-it-yourself look, this “Rabbits” Collection will adorn the coming Easter season. At first glance, the adorable rabbit characters seem as though they have been made of the finest wool, owing to their new structure and the innovative porcelain compound in the colours macaroon ...

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  • Rosenthal Roof View now


    The powerful, wave-like roof of the Elbphilharmonie inspired the German design duo Metz & Kindler to create a new gift collection that is both extravagant and expressive. The concave surface of these visually striking vases and bowls, which are available in either white or titanium-coated porcelain or in clear glass ...

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  • Rosenthal RORO Collection View now

    RORO Collection

    Fortitude, prosperity and fortune – the pig has always been seen as an ancient and symbolic animal. For the 100th birthday of Philip Rosenthal (1916– 2001), designer Sebastian Herkner has created the minimalist design pieces RORO, based on the most striking part of a pig – the snout. The inspiration ...

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  • Rosenthal Sirop View now


    In all his designs for Rosenthal, the French designer Cédric Ragot looked at the deformability of material and the fusion of different structures in one object. The Sirop vase shows us the sweet side of this idea. Like honey or syrup, the shapely body of the vase flows over a ...

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  • Rosenthal Rosenthal Armbanduhren View now


    Modern elegance, precise Swiss clockwork craftsmanship and finest leather enhanced by the purity of a dial made of best Rosenthal porcelain marks the start of a brand new collection of watches made in Germany.

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  • Rosenthal Snowballs View now


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  • Rosenthal Spot View now


    With its intertwining of original craftsmanship and industrial production, Thomas Nathan’s Spot design quite literally revolves around the dot. The cylinder is used as the main body for salt and pepper shakers, which, when spotted at closely, are adorned with a subtle, handshaped dotted structure. Clear lines separate the top ...

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  • Rosenthal Strip View now


    The Strip Collection is more sculptural. Based on a strict square that acts as the stand, the dynamic body of a vase arises, striving upwards similar to a building, ending in a perfectly round opening.

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  • Rosenthal Squall View now


    Fascinated by materials’ plasticity and limits of deformability, French designer Cédric Ragot designed a new vase series for Rosenthal. Squall picks up on the idea behind Ragot’s already highly successful Fast vase, which he created back in 2007, to capture and freeze the entire dynamics of a movement. Squall is ...

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  • Rosenthal Structura View now

    Structura - play of porcelain with light and shade

    The porcelain surface of the vases is richly adorned with the irregularity of the relief effects and the lively play of light and shade. The matt porcelain surface of the white or black porcelain brings the relief off particularly well. The surface feel is reminiscent of materials such as fabric ...

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  • Rosenthal studio-line Vasen View now

    Vases - Rosenthal studio-line: Design history in the present

    Since the 60s, famous names have created great art which Rosenthal has immortalized in porcelain. Thereby, numerous beautiful vases have been created for the Rosenthal studio-line. A few selected pieces of these vases you can find here. On the one hand, timeless, on the other hand speaking for the design ...

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  • Rosenthal Suomi View now

    Suomi - gift accessories

    Smoothed by water, the river stone is the inspiration for the organic form between circle and square. A caressing form for eyes and hands.

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  • Rosenthal Surface View now

    Surface - versatile porcelain gifts

    It does not matter which way you turn and rotate these vases, it appears that a new form is emerging time and again. Even empty, these vases are a real eyecatcher.

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  • Rosenthal Table-Wear View now

    Table Wear - porcelain gifts of a special kind

    Beautiful useful pieces, day by day, morning and night. New materials, exciting new details and surprising possibilities signify this collection. The imaginative designed pieces by the designer duo Platt & Young spice up your table and interior and stimulate the user’s fhantasy.

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  • Rosenthal Tütenvasen View now

    Bag vases - 100 years Tapio Wirkkala

    Tapio Wirkkala is considered as a great patron of Finnish creativity. The paper Bag Vases for Rosenthal are among Wirkkala's most popular designs. To mark the anniversary, the iconic vases with the structure and feel of a paper bag are available in two heights, 10 cm and 18 cm, in ...

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  • Rosenthal Vibrations View now

    Vibrations - magnificent vases

    The change of structures. Magnificent vases decorated with surprising ornaments. Known structures, resembling articles of daily use, are shown in a total new environment. These vases are the highlight of every environment through their simplistic expression, combined with a noble white glaze or with a platinum surface.

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  • Rosenthal Weave View now


    The Weave series embodies the perfect interaction of merging lines. Based on a strict square that acts as the stand, the dynamic body of a vase arises, striving upwards similar to a building, ending in a perfectly round opening.

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  • Rosenthal Zauberflöte View now

    Magic Flute

    "Zauberflöte" ("Magic Flute") – An Opera in Porcelain Music plays an important part in the life of the Danish artist and designer Björn Wiinblad. His creations are strongly influenced by his love of music. Time and again he is inspired by it not only in forms and pictures but also ...

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  • Rosenthal Zodiac Jahresartikel View now

    Zodiac Year Items

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Porcelain Gifts & Accessories by Rosenthal: the art of giving joy

There are endless reasons to give pleasure to someone. Good that there are at least as many opportunities to do so in an especially personal and stylish way. For example with vases, which are usually hard to be found when flowers are given. “Ringoletto” adjusts to different heights of a bouquet, while “Opening” picks ups the organic forms of nature and “Fast” adds dynamic contrasts on top. And while “Format” enhances the flowers and atmosphere in white or colour, the “Suomi” vases boast purist objectivity. Whether concise useful objects from block glass or elegant accessories from “TAC 02”: with porcelain and glass by Rosenthal studio-line, the pleasure in selecting gifts is reason enough to be on the lookout for more occasions to provide them.

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