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Decorated table

  • Sambonet Bamboo Tee & Kaffee View now

    Bamboo - Sambonet Tee & Kaffee

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  • Sambonet Bamboo Tischaccessoires View now

    Bamboo - Sambonet Table Accessories

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  • Sambonet Elite Tee & Kaffee View now

    Elite - Sambonet tea & coffee

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  • Sambonet Elite Tischaccessoires View now

    Elite - Sambonet Table Accessories

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  • Sambonet Linea Q View now

    Linea Q - Sambonet

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  • Sambonet Living View now

    Living - Sambonet

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  • Sambonet Lucy View now

    Lucy - Sambonet: Stainless steel gifts of incomparable beauty

    Smooth contours highlight undulating stainless steel curves. Shells of all sizes form a complete set with slender, flowing forms suitable for any occasion: small ones for sauces and snacks, and larger ones to serve as a table decoration, fruit bowl, bread basket, etc.

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  • Sambonet Malia View now

    Malia - Sambonet: decorative objects and accessories

    An outstanding feature of the new Sambonet collection "Malia N. 09" is its Matelassé design, a multi-surfaced diamond pattern which was first seen in 2011 as a new trend on the catwalks of the most famous fashion houses. "Malia N. 09" is the ninth collection from Sambonet's artistic director: Accessories ...

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  • Sambonet Maria View now

    Maria - Sambonet for Rosenthal

    To mark the 100th anniversary of the Maria design, Rosenthal is supplementing the popular porcelain range with a striking cutlery series, two trays and a beautifully shaped stainless steel underplate. The surface of the trays and underplate, which are part of the Sambonet collection, are adorned with a delicate relief ...

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  • Sambonet Nendoo View now

    Nendoo - Sambonet

    "Nendoo" conquered the table with accessories made of flawless stainless steel. The renowned designer Metz & Kindler have designed three multifunctional objects which can be perfectly combined with the same named service from Rosenthal. There are endless opportunities to vary the white porcelain with the brilliant shining stainless steel.

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  • Sambonet Sky Tee & Kaffee View now

    Sky - Sambonet tea & coffee

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  • Sambonet Sky Tischaccessoires View now

    Sky - Sambonet

    This collection plays with squared lines and aims at accompanying us during all daily situations, including special ones!

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  • Sambonet Sphera Tee & Kaffee View now

    Sphera - Sambonet tea & coffee

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  • Sambonet Sphera Tischaccessoires View now

    Sphera - Sambonet: Contemporary design concepts in stainless steel

    "Sphera" is a contemporary concept which combines functionality with a reminiscence of the Space Age of the late 60s. This collection gives the impression it could have featured in films such as Roger Vadim's "Barbarella" with Jane Fonda, or Stanley Kubrick's "Space Odyssey", and brings back memories of the extravagant ...

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  • Sambonet t-light View now

    t-light - Sambonet

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  • Sambonet Tischsets View now

    Tablemats - Sambonet

    For a trendy table hosting breakfasts or dinners for two. These table mats are highly practical and pleasant thanks to their numerous threads and colour nuances, and allow you to customize your everyday table!

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  • Sambonet Twist View now

    Twist - Sambonet

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