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Sambonet Kitchen

  • Sambonet 12 o'clock View now

    12 o'clock - Sambonet

    The design, the sophisticated combination of materials, the innovation of the project and the functionality of 12’O’Clock have resulted in a “capsule collection” consisting of an original trivet, a soft pot-holder and a “universal” knife block, which can be combined and interchanged. The colour scheme of all these soft touch ...

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  • Sambonet 1965 Vintage View now

    1965 Vintage - Sambonet

    The spirit of the 1960s comes to life again with Sambonet?s new 1965 Vintage cookware collection, that units design, quality, technical presentation and a hint of nostalgia! These saucepans are made entirely of 18/10 stainless steel with the unique "Vintage" finish. The handles are made of solid brass ...

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  • Sambonet 1965 Vintage Quarzo Nero View now

    1965 Vintage Quarzo Nero - Sambonet

    Designed and made in Italy, the 1965 Vintage aluminium collection reinterprets, through its style and its colours, the charm of traditional cookware. The innovative “Quarzo nero” nonstick coating, with the special thermal radiant bottom, boosts heat efficiency in cooking. The collection is ideal for all types of cooking, from Oriental ...

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  • Sambonet Inovan View now

    Inovan - Sambonet

    Thanks to its heat resistance, the Inovan® material, developed exclusively by Rosenthal, gives Sambonet oven dishes a high heatresistance and excellent heat conduction. Ideal for the oven and microwave, this line is Adapt to temperature fluctuations (can go from the refrigerator to a non-preheated oven). Pleasing to the eye and ...

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  • Sambonet Kikka View now

    Kikka - Sambonet

    Kikka re-introduces the charm of tradition and the domestic hearth in everyday home kitchen. The handles and structure are made from 18/10 stainless steel and are guaranteed by Sambonet quality and tradition. Kikka is suitable for induction, gas, electric and ceramic hobs. It is dishwasher proof.

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  • Sambonet Küchenhelfer View now

    Kitchen Gadgets - Sambonet

    The "From Sambonet to Kitchen" line: quality products dedicated to the increasing number of passionate people that see cooking as a pleasure. These products search for performing although friendly tools!

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  • Sambonet Menu View now

    Menu - Sambonet

    The simplicity of a timeless and functional shape assures ease of use and rapid cleaning. Made from top quality long-lasting steel, it conducts heat uniformly, thus cooking food to perfection.

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  • Sambonet Terra.Cotto View now

    Terra.Cotto - Sambonet

    Terra.cotto is intended to rediscover the pleasure of traditional Mediterranean cooking and cuisine. Terracotta cookware promotes gradual heat diffusion, which enhances the organoleptic properties and flavours of food even with little seasoning.

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