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This is the ways things are.

Probably it really is time we grew up.
Properly, with a glass cabinet for the good china, a fixed parking space in front of the house, and perhaps even proper winter shoes. We really should stop setting the alarm to snooze continuously every morning. And despite that still eating an enormous breakfast. We should probably stop inviting more friends over each weekend than can fit in the kitchen and perhaps finally buy a dishwasher after all. We should take out insurance policies and stop buying wine simply because the bottle in question sports a snazzy label. And we should probably also stop jumping off the side of the pool into the water.

Having friends in
our kitchen is fun, that’s why they come back every weekend. We like it when, at three
o’clock in the morning, we all find ourselves flocking to the fridge to see what pickings are left

Why should any of that need to change?

We don’t need much for the apartment, but we most certainly do want to be the ones to decide what it contains. There is no particular purpose to the flat share, and the same applies to the furniture.

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