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Sambonet Terra.Cotto

Inspired by tradition, a healthy kitchen and design, the Italian designer, Stefania Vasques, has developed a modern-interpreted collection of pots. As a symbol of Slow Food, a healthy diet and particular aesthetic appeal are united. Oval and round casseroles, mini cocottes for creative dishes and serving ideas, as well as two grill pans should all be found in a modern kitchen and through their trendy colours ensure optical highlights on the stove and on the table.

The optimal thermal conductivity means that the cast iron pots and pans distribute the heat slowly and evenly, as well as retaining it for a long time. The sensory attributes of the food stay intact, the vitamins and nutrients are preserved and the taste of the meals are intensive, even without an excessive use of seasoning. A low electricity or gas consumption results in a good environmental footprint. By nature, cast iron has non-stick attributes as it closes the pores of the food, as well as being 100% recyclable.




Gusseisen Vanille


16 cm


Cast iron



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